Termite Letters (CL100’s)

A termite letter is a report that a pest control company will create after doing an inspection of a house.

South Carolina requires a wood infestation report called the CL-100.

The termite inspection letter will disclose everything that was found by the inspector, whether the house is currently infested with termites or has been in the past, and will also usually note if any parts of the house were inaccessible for inspection.

If you are the buyer, your bank may require you to have a termite letter before you close on your house. There can be restrictions, and they may require it to have been within a certain time period before the loan closes (so they essentially “expire”). One very important piece of advice: get your termite letter done in advance of the closing date. Some lenders will not allow the loan to go through if certain things show up in the inspection. You want to make sure that you give yourself time to deal with anything that comes up. If you have the inspection done a couple of days before you’re planning on closing on the house, you might find the whole process delayed over something that came up in the inspection.

I’m not your lawyer, and your state law may vary from what is stated here, so be careful and consult a local lawyer for any legal questions.