Considering a Tiny House?

For a small but dedicated segment of new homeowners, the current mantra is “the smaller the better.” For many the tiny house movement has become more than just a dream. Singles, couples and families all across America have called their Realtor, listed the majority of their possessions on Craigslist, held one last big yard sale and then packed up their few remaining shoes, books and dishes and moved into 400 square feet or less. But is a tiny house really right for you?

After spending the weekend dusting, vacuuming and rearranging all our clutter many of us begin to dream of the unencumbered freedom associated with owning fewer possessions. And while some have been able to achieve that freedom while still living in a traditional three bedroom, two bath ranch with a garage, many more are beginning to question why, and if, all that extra space is really necessary.

But is a tiny house really right for everyone? City and county building codes make it difficult to build a tiny home. Recently a large nationwide modular home manufacturer created a line of tiny home models that seem to be selling very well. But that leads to the next hurdle: zoning. Don’t purchase the tiny home of your dreams and expect to be able to live inside a gated community with a very strict HOA or even a suburban subdivision. Today many tiny homes are located in a community designed specifically for RV’s, mobile homes or homes of this size, on land located outside city and county zoning regulations, or parked behind a friend or relative’s larger home.

As baby boomers continue to retire but still remain healthy and active and the younger generation, many whom have lost faith in the American dream of traditional homeownership, search for affordable and practical housing options, tiny house advocates, are working to change both zoning regulations and building codes nationwide.

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