Create the Perfect Man Cave or She Shed

We all need personal space and in today’s crazy world sometimes that’s hard to find. Try these practical tips to create your own private getaway.

  • As with anything real estate related the main buzzword is always: location, location, location! So choose yours wisely. Perhaps as much as you’d like your private oasis outside and away from the main house, chances are power, water and internet will need to be run. Insulation, HVAC, flooring, wall coverings and lighting will have to be installed. Generally city/county permits will be required and overall costs will be higher. That said, those small often pre-constructed buildings are perfect since with a little creativity the sky is the limit.
  • Don’t have enough outside space for your man cave or she shed? Consider converting a seldom used guest room, a section of the garage, basement or attic, or even an oversized walk-in closet. Yes, you won’t be as secluded but you’ll definitely save money.
  • Once the location is decided now determine what you want to do with the space. Pool table? Poker table? Sports bar? Craft cave? Private office? Library? Or simply a place where you can rest, relax and recharge? It’s going to be YOUR space, so allow the décor to reflect your style and personality.
  • Not everything has to be brand new or purchased all at the same time. Check out yard sales, consignment stores, thrift shops and local online for sale communities, or repurpose items you already own. Don’t buy simply to fill empty space.
  • If you have an outside man cave or she shed remember the little things. Real operational windows with screens. Decorative door hardware including a working lock; no gentlemen, the old shed padlock is NOT ok! Perhaps some window flower boxes along with a flagstone walkway leading from the main house and don’t be afraid to go bold with exterior colors. Make your Lady Lounge or Inner Sanctum as eye catching as your primary residence.

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