Do I Have Termites?

Unfortunately these little buggers often aren’t discovered until their damage is already underway. As you inspect your home for your fall to-do list, make sure to pay attention to the following signs of a potential termite infestation.

  • Termite swarmers are young termites who leave the nest to mate and form a new colony. As they age from teenage termites to adult termites they shed their wings. Often one of the first signs you have termites are piles of these discarded grayish/white wings.
  • Seeing what you think are white ants? Think again. You are seeing termites. About the same size as an ant, termites are a white/creamy color with thick mid-sections and completely straight antennae. Don’t want to get that up close and personal? Then just remember this: there is no such thing as a white ant. If that’s what you think you’re seeing, it’s a termite.
  • Noticing new unexplained visible wall, ceiling or flooring cracks? Better get checked for termites. It only takes one tiny foundation crack for termites to squeeze through and then beginning with the floor joists, they work their way up to the wall studs and ceiling rafters.
  • Not concerned because your foundation is concrete block? Termites can discover cracks and holes in the dried concrete mud so tiny they are hard to see with the naked eye. Once inside the termites mud over the crevices to reduce air flow and trap moisture. So check your home’s foundation carefully looking for dried dirt or “termite cement,” and if you notice something out of the ordinary, call a reputable pest control company.
  • Don’t forget to inspect your decks, sheds and fence posts. Also keep an eye on any trees that seem to be dropping a lot of branches. Anything wood is fair game for termites.

When purchasing a home in South Carolina your lender will require a letter known as a CL-100 wood infestation report, letting them know if the residence is currently or has in the past had a termite problem. Connect with Carolina RES today for all required lender inspections by calling 864.242.1099. Carolina RES: your ONLY source for all your real estate needs.