Do I Need a Home Inspection Before Purchasing New Construction?

Two months ago that empty field was covered with trees, weeds and trash. Now there are 10 completed homes all with “For Sale” signs out front. Even with modern technology can a home builder really construct a complete home, from the ground up, in that little time, and do it right?

Before a new residence can be occupied, a COO (certificate of occupancy) must be issued by the city or county. The COO is approved based on inspections done by governmental building inspectors. Many new homebuyers feel that is sufficient; but is it? While homes are required to be built “to code,” these requirements are generally broad and basic, only ensuring the minimum standards have been met. Plus a city or county building inspector is only interested in whether or not a particular discipline has been constructed/installed to code, not with the quality of work. A home purchase is for the vast majority of us the largest expenditure you’ll ever make. So doesn’t it just make sense to ensure your home is properly constructed both inside and out?

Just because a home is new construction doesn’t mean there aren’t construction concerns and it is important to have these located and taken care of before the builder’s warranty expires. Where a home inspection on an older property may turn up things like a worn roof or mold in the basement, a new home inspection will determine the quality of workmanship and verify that everything from the HVAC to the kitchen appliances were properly installed and working correctly.

The initial sales or construction contract signed at the beginning of the project should stipulate that an outside inspection is permissible after construction is completed but before taking possession. And while you may have a great working relationship with the builder, don’t let that deter you from doing something that will in the long run give you peace of mind.

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