Does my Irrigation System Need to be Professionally Installed?

Spring is here and it’s time to get that yard in shape! Perhaps you’re reseeding or installing new sod and are questioning if a professionally installed irrigation system is the right move. Here are some tips to help you with your decision.

  • Even before designing your system layout on paper, it is imperative to call your local utility locator and have the power, gas, water and sewer lines marked. This will ensure no lines are accidentally damaged and that the sprinkler components are not installed over or near something important.
  • The main component of an irrigation system is obviously water. Just don’t forget electricity will be involved. It will be necessary to have a live power source in order for the system to operate and function on a timer schedule. If this portion of the install is not done correctly you could end up seriously injured.
  • Learn all you can about sprinkler head placement including dual coverage zones and how to keep from overwatering low spots. The last thing you want is to have to re-dig your yard in order to move sprinkler heads.
  • Be prepared to get dirty and tired. Digging all those trenches is hard work, even if you rent a trencher.
  • Leaks will occur. Thoroughly check each pipe fitting, elbow, backflow and sprinkler head and correct immediately or your next water bill could require securing a bank loan to pay.
  • While many irrigation system installers are not licensed plumbers they are experienced which can save you time, and depending on circumstances, money since they have the proper tools, parts and knowledge. Plus, a professional installer will take care of any city/county permitting and your complete system will be covered by a warranty.

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