Increase Your Home’s Resale Value with These Tips

Sometimes you have to spend a little to make a lot. And that is definitely true when selling your home. Consider these practical home hacks to improve your real estate contract’s bottom line at the closing table.

  • Get a home inspection before listing your property. You now have a heads-up on problems a buyer’s inspector would find and can have them corrected beforehand.
  • A freshly painted home in soothing neutral shades is an inexpensive way to make your residence look and feel clean and well maintained.
  • Inquire if your power company offers a free or low-cost energy audit. A potential buyer often will want to see how energy efficient your home is before making an offer.
  • Improve your home’s interior air quality by doing more than just making sure the cat’s litter box is clean. Investing in a professional air quality test can determine if materials used in your home’s construction and décor have been releasing toxic VOC’s chemicals.
  • Have Fido and Spot made a mess of your carpets? Don’t just clean them; replace them with environmentally friendly hardwoods or ceramic tiles.
  • Can’t afford to remodel that outdated bathroom? Upgrade old lighting fixtures and cabinetry hardware. Replace the sink faucets and trade out that 1980’s wallpaper with a more modern textured finish. Bathtub nicked and scratched? Look into having the tub reglazed.
  • High quality kitchen and bath cabinetry can last 50 years or more so there is generally no reason to have them replaced. Give the room a new look by swapping out the cabinet doors, adding a new coat of paint or stain, or check out the latest trend of removing the doors completely.

Before calling your Realtor, why not schedule an appointment with Carolina RES to ensure your home is at its best? We are your Upstate experts for home inspections, air quality testing, radon testing, appraisals and more.