Mom, I’m Bored! Tips for Keeping Kids Busy During Summer Vacation

The end of the school year is near and you know it’s only a matter of days before the kids start complaining about nothing to do. Begin planning now to keep from stressing out when the whining commences!

  • Set up a summer library schedule. Many local libraries offer story hours, fun arts and crafts activities, special events featuring magicians and storytellers, family friendly movies and summer reading programs
  • Introduce a new hobby. Summer is the perfect time to pick up a musical instrument, begin art lessons, try out a new sport, or get creative with leftover wood, fabric and paint. With a little adult supervision, your kids can build their own birdhouse, window box, coasters or bookends.
  • Let your children have old school fun outdoors. Teach them some of your favorite games when you were their age. From hopscotch to jumping rope, duck duck goose and kickball, these games will get them away from the TV screen and out in the fresh air and sunshine.
  • No neighborhood pool? Create your own backyard water park. Spring for a slip and slide, a kid’s pool, a few packages of balloons for that all important water balloon battle, squirt guns and a water sprinkler. Now let the fun begin!
  • It is never too early to instill good values. Even children as young as three can help with delivering meals to the elderly and homebound or visiting a nursing home or retirement community. Volunteer opportunities for older youngsters include helping out at the local humane society, food bank or library.

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