New Year Home To-Do Checklist

Start your New Year off right! Grab a pad of paper and a pen and walk around your home (exterior and interior) making a list of everything that needs attention, regardless of size or difficulty. Then add our helpful list to yours so nothing is overlooked.

  • All homeowners know the importance of cleaning the HVAC filters, but what about the air duct vents? Floor, ceiling or wall, it doesn’t matter. Use your vacuum’s sturdy brush attachment and thoroughly clean the vent slats. If the entire vent can easily be removed use the crevice brush attachment to suck up any loose dirt which may have accumulated inside the vent itself. Then while you have the vacuum out, give the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and air purifier filters a good cleaning too.
  • Take advantage of all that extra time stuck inside your home due to colder weather by getting organized. Weed out clothing that no longer fits, is too worn to wear, needs repairing or you simply don’t like. Do the same with all the kid’s clothes and toys. Next move onto the kitchen cabinets. Plastic lids but no containers? Recycle ‘em. Three of the same sized saucepan? Four complete sets of china, silverware and glassware? Yard sale, recycle or donate for a tax deduction.
  • Between work, school and all the kid’s activities does it seem as though your house is never really clean? Begin the New Year by creating a household cleaning chart. Divide by daily, weekly and monthly chores and then assign each family member specific duties. Mount the chart prominently in the kitchen or laundry room. Consider using a dry erase board and adding boxes so everyone gets the satisfaction of physically checking off their finished task.

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