Practical Tips for Tiny Home Dwellers

Last month we discussed the legalities of a tiny home, including zoning and building code concerns. This month’s blog post focuses on helpful advice geared toward ensuring your tiny home becomes the home of your dreams!

  • Make room for your hobbies. Include extra storage for things like painting supplies, yarn, jigsaw puzzles or model car kits. Skis, baseball bats, artist easels and many musical instruments can easily be hung on a wall or from the ceiling. Love the piano? Consider downsizing to a more manageable keyboard.
  • Plan on using traditional kitchen appliances? First stop and think about your power situation. Will you be moving your home on a regular basis or be hardwired into an electrical/gas source? With the popularity of tiny homes, many appliance manufacturers now have a line of appliances designed specifically for smaller spaces.
  • Utilize every bit of wall space and select things that do double duty. Ditch the standard kitchen table and install one which folds down. Add comfy chairs that can be moved into the living area for game or movie night. Sofa and bedside end tables should include shelving or removable tops with storage inside.
  • How are your knees? This maybe an unusual question but loft sleeping areas are very popular and included in the majority of tiny home floorplans. And while a very practical use of space, depending on your age or physicality, climbing a ladder or negotiating very narrow stairs may not work. A main level pull-out or fold-up bed can save those knees, while the loft space can be used as a guest room or to store holiday decorations, seasonal clothing and sporting equipment.
  • Start downsizing NOW. Look around your current residence and ask yourself three questions: “Do I really need this? Do I really use this? Can I live without it?” Anything that doesn’t enhance your life should be sold to both reduce your carbon footprint and help pay for your new low-maintenance lifestyle.

No matter the square footage, Carolina RES can help ensure your home is safe both inside and out. Please connect with us on Facebook for more information.