Protecting Your Home During the Colder Months

Believe it or not but here in the Upstate we will be getting cold weather, perhaps not quite in time for a white Christmas, but trust us, it is coming. So now is the perfect time while the weather is still fairly mild to prepare your home for the freezing temps heading our way.

  • Seal all leaks in and around your home to prevent cold air from seeping in and warm air from leaking out. Of course, the obvious areas are doors and windows but don’t forget plumbing pipes, ceiling bathroom vents, behind electrical outlets and switch plates and HVAC vents and ductwork. Also check around your outdoor HVAC compressor unit to make sure there are no holes where rodents can nest or gain access to your crawlspace or basement.
  • Schedule an appointment with a certified chimney sweep and have your fireplace cleaned and inspected regardless if it is wood-burning or fueled with propane. During the summer months birds may build nests in the top of the chimney and falling leaves or other debris can clog the opening. For those of you with a wood stove don’t forget they also require an annual cleaning.
  • Go ahead and get your lawnmower serviced in anticipation of next year’s mowing season. This also applies to weed eaters, leaf blowers and any other electrical or gas yard equipment you use on a regular basis.
  • Prune shrubbery and trees especially those close to the house. This will lessen any change of damage from falling limbs during an ice storm.
  • Clean the gutters and inspect all downspouts to ensure they are debris free and properly angled. While on the ladder now is also a good time to eyeball the roof, checking for loose, curled or raised shingles, popped nails and that all plumbing vent boots are in good condition and crack free.

Don’t let cold weather sneak up on your home maintenance plans this year especially if you’re considering selling your home soon. Call Carolina RES now to schedule a home inspection, indoor air quality inspection, radon inspection or if you think termites may be a problem. One call to 864.242.1099 can save time, money and aggravation when you do decide to put your home on the market.