The Importance of a New Construction Home Inspection

There is nothing better than moving into a brand new home. The paint is pristine, the hardwoods gleam, and just like a new car there is a certain “new home” smell that can’t be beat. And everything should be in good working order…it’s brand new, right? Well, not always. Any scenario that includes as many different disciplines as home construction requires, something is almost always bound to get overlooked. 

Most home sales contracts include a final walkthrough, but this is not the same as a home inspection. The final walkthrough is done to ensure the home is in the same condition as when the contract was signed and if any repairs or improvements were to be made, that they were completed. It is permissible and strongly suggested to include a pre-closing home inspection in the sales contract.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the leading reasons to err on the side of caution and get a home inspection before heading to the closing table

  • City/county building codes and inspections are in place to ensure minimum standards are met.  While you hope your builder has built above the minimum, that isn’t always the case. especially now with new home construction going up at such a rapid rate. Contractors and subcontractors are pressed to work faster, and as we all know, mistakes do happen. A home inspection can find these problems so they can be addressed before closing. 
  • Industry guidelines suggest contractors installed certain components including the HVAC system, appliances, roofs and exterior finishes to manufacturer specifications. In some cases these components are installed to specifications that meet code, but not manufacturer requirements. A qualified home inspector often will be able to spot improper installation concerns that could cause costly and dangerous problems in the future. 
  • When you purchase an older home the seller is required to fill out a legally binding residential property disclosure statement stating any known problems. This obviously isn’t required for new construction so how do you know if the basement floods, if the dryer vent ever got hooked up or even if you have a gas leak at the hot water heater? A licensed home inspector checks not only all major systems but also inspects grading, drainage, plumbing, electrical, insulation and ventilation, along with all other key components for functionality.
  • But frankly the two best reasons to have a professional home inspector involved before you close on your new construction home is 1) for your peace of mind in knowing everything in your home works and was constructed and installed properly and 2) knowing that one of your biggest assets is secure.  

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