Three Spring Cleaning Hacks

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get your house in order! After a long winter cooped up with the kids, pets and spouse get ready to throw open the windows and deep clean each and every room from ceiling to floor.

  • Start with the room furthest from your home’s main living area. This way as you clean you aren’t tracking more dirt into rooms that have already been cleaned. Plus, you are more apt to finish cleaning the whole house if the rooms you live in the most still need attention. Also, this is a good way of making sure all those unused and unwanted items that need to be donated or recycled actually make it out the door. When the room is spic and span relocate that pile of old clothes, outgrown toys and no longer needed houseware items to a box by the door you use the most. This way it’s a constant reminder that it needs to go!
  • Work from the ceiling to the floor. Begin in a top corner and sweep away cobwebs. Take down the curtains and either launder at home or send out to the dry cleaners. Dry dust all the walls, clean baseboards and wash windows. Move onto cleaning and polishing all the wooden furniture. Dry mop under all furniture paying close attention to pieces that you can’t reach during your weekly vacuuming. Vacuum carpets and rugs. Sweep and damp mop hard surface floors. Finish up by vacuuming and spot cleaning upholstered furniture, change and washing the bedding and wipe down counters and shelving. Don’t forget to clean the ceiling fans and light fixtures and disinfect light switches, doorknobs and media remotes.
  • Spring is going to be around for a couple of months so don’t stress yourself out trying to clean your entire home in a single weekend. For many people setting a schedule works best. Or simply strive to do a room a day. But don’t get upset if a larger space or one that needs some major decluttering takes a bit longer. Don’t worry…those dust bunnies aren’t going anywhere!

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