What to Expect From Your Pest Control Service

You just purchased your very first home and you need to select a pest control service. So of course you do what everyone does these days, you Google pest companies in your area and then compare prices and services before making a decision. Once everything is set up, what can you expect your service to include?

  • The technician will begin by asking if you have noticed any problems such as ants in the kitchen, roaches in the garage or spiders taking over the back deck.
  • The exterior of the home will be treated and if there is a crawl space the tech will then treat underneath the home while also looking for any signs of rodents in addition to pests. Depending on what is discovered, a treatment plan may be required to remove current rodents and discourage new ones from moving in.
  • Garages and attics will both be treated, with attention being paid to entry ways including garage doors and roof and gable vents. Initial inspection of both these areas are fairly time consuming as the tech will also thoroughly be checking for any hidden areas where pests could enter.
  • A flashlight is a pest tech’s most valuable tool. He or she will use it to examine bathroom and kitchen pipes. They will shine it behind the fridge, inside HVAC vents, on top of cabinets and in closet corners. Anywhere bugs can hide your technician will work diligently to find them and their access points.
  • Most pest professionals will check the moisture levels inside and out. Homes that have difficulty with exterior standing water, high interior humidity or mildew concerns, often have more pest infestations.

Once their inspection is complete you will be given both a verbal and written report. This will include any pests noted, areas that need to be corrected such as holes around plumbing pipes and any other necessary recommendations. Don’t hesitate to ask questions; not controlling termites, pests and rodents can easily cause thousands of dollars in damage if not found and corrected.

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